New Single: Drawing Pictures

Posted By Stuart Bennett Date.July 10, 2020 Views: 2.2k


Drawing Pictures, is due out on Friday, 10th July, 2020.

After securing airplay with the album’s first two releases on 6Music, Radio Wales and Amazing Radio, they want to keep it up with what they hope is a positive and uplifting track for these uncertain times.

Originally an acoustic number, Drawing Pictures took on a new lease of life in preparation for the studio and has become a firm favourite which the band are looking forward to playing live, in front of a REAL audience, whenever that may be.  Lyricist and bass player Clare Stevenson explains the sentiment behind it:

“A lot of my lyrics are inspired by the sea and this song is about looking for inspiration at the beach.  When you feel lost for words, lost for ideas or just plain lost then go down to the beach, stare out to sea and everything will make sense again.  You’ll feel inspired to write, to make changes, or even to draw a picture.”