We’re back…

Posted By Stuart Bennett Date.February 9, 2020 Views: 2.1k

…and welcome to our brand new home!

Take a look around and learn all about our not-so-mysterious past, stuff we have on the go at the moment and even our plans for the future.

How grown up is THAT?!

You can listen to our tunes, sift through old photos, do a bit of shopping and even sign up to our mailing list. The possibilities are endless. Almost.

Consider this your one-stop-shop to satisfying all of your Reads, erm… neads?

We know you must be wondering; what’s been happening with us?  Well, 6 years on from the release of our second album, “Lost at Sea” we’re happy to report that we’re about to do it all again!

We’ve written and recorded new music; inspired by the heady mix of sadness, chaos and joy that life puts us all through.  Love, loss, lust (ooh er, missus!), anguish and even a touch of optimism; the new album is a reflection of where we’re at these days and we hope it strikes a chord.

We’re VERY excited and are busy making plans to share “Crossfire” with you this spring.

Until then, watch this space.

Or this one.