Sing a little, Scarlet!

Posted By Stuart Bennett Date.February 10, 2020 Views: 2.34k

We’re delighted to say that “Scarlet” will be featured on BBC2’s “Our Coast” on Friday, 14th February at 8:30pm.

This is the first time our music has appeared on a TV programme and we hope it’s the first of many.  If not, we’ll be sure to milk it for all its worth.  We’ve often thought that the parallels are between ourselves Sigur Ros are obvious.  Let’s hope “Our Coast” does for us, what “Planet Earth” did for them…

In any case, we’ll be sat around the TV with popcorn this Valentine’s Day, patting each other on the back and making plans for our retirement.  Fame and royalties are sure to flow from this, right?

To find out more info on the programme, click here or to go to the show’s iPlayer page here.

Interesting fact: Co-presenter, Adrian Chiles, is a big a fan of the band!