Readscast: A podcast, of sorts

Posted By Stuart Bennett Date.May 24, 2022 Views: 3.82k

We’re pretty damn chuffed to announce the launch of Readscast; our home-brewed series of Reads and Reads-related audio journeys.

In it, you’ll find many unreleased tracks, remixes, collaborations, demos, experiments and general silliness.

It’s a glimpse at the sort of things we get up to when we’re not playing live or in the studio.

It’s taken us a while to put this together from our archives. It’s the fruit of Marcy and Jamie‚Äôs labour… and many late nights.

Episode 1 is now available to stream or download from your favourite podcast platform, or follow the link below:

We hope you enjoy it – if so, please tell your friends.

Much love,

The Reads