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Posted By Stuart Bennett Date.May 20, 2020 Views: 3.4k

The first reviews of Crossfire are in… and we’re pretty, darn chuffed with them!

Why not have a read and see if you agree?

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The Reads have excelled themselves with a record that should be in anybody’s best-of-year list. It’s uplifting, highly emotional and accessible. In short, it’s essential.

Crossfire, the third album from this folk/indie/alternative rock band is a real treat for music lovers of all tastes. It finds the band at a more mature phase on their musical journey, delivering track after track of well-rounded songs of differing pace and melody, with subtle hints of musical influence.

Alt-rock six-piece The Reads report back with an intriguingly expressive and strikingly colourful catalogue of compositions.  Crossfire offers an exciting and irresistibly immersive sonic spectrum to delve into, revealing new facets and rekindling old flames alike.

For this, a third album, what endures?  Pace, adventure and a sense of wonder.  Making space to feed our imaginations.  Much that’s familiar; a delight in building melody and counterpart, structure and lyricism as a coherent whole.  And that, for me, is a large part of what I come to The Reads for, for the sweet in bittersweet.  A lightly drawn promise that things will get better.